at Carolina K

Our Story

Coming from a family lineage of textiles and design that started in Bolivia and then Argentina, Carolina Kleinman utilized her extensive knowledge in the industry combined with her background in music to inspire and establish her own namesake brand in 2005. After traveling the world with her husband and children, Carolina and her family settled in the magical town of Tepoztlan, Mexico where she started to work with cooperatives of artisans. She continued traveling to La Paz, Bolivia & Cusco, Peru during the developing stages of her brand, where she combined the traditional work of these different cultures to create the differentiating ingredients of her emerging designs. Carolina’s desire to preserve the history and culture of these communities is a vital part of her DNA and philosophy.

(Image features Carolina's grandfather with artisans he worked with while living in Bolivia)

Our Mission

Since launching our brand in 2005, we have been committed to creating sustainably made products while supporting artisans across Latin America. From our brand’s inception, we envisioned working with a collective of artisans in remote regions of Latin America and we are honored to get the opportunity to work with them to this day all-year round. We strive to empower and uplift these communities of women and men, and are dedicated to preserving their ancestral techniques that have been passed on generation after generation. Preserving and highlighting the history and culture of these communities is a vital part of our brand's DNA and philosophy. For us, it is all about making decisions with love and care for the people and planet. By working with these small cooperatives of artisans to create impeccable slow fashion pieces each season, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.