Our Partners and Artisans

We have been committed to the reintegration of artisanal products into the global market since 2005, offering artisan groups with better economic opportunities all year round. Today, we work with approximately 200 artisans in Mexico alone who specialize in the development of our hand-crochet and hand-loomed pieces whom also produce our ottomans and home collection without the use of electricity, pesticides, or chemicals.

Our shoes and knits are handmade by artisans in Peru using ancestral techniques.
Our hats are handmade in Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.
Our jewelry is handmade by a second generation of 8 brothers In Oaxaca, Mexico who inherited the craft from their father.

Our iconic prints are made in India using digital printing as it reduces water waste. We work with a very small factory owed by a woman who works exclusively for our brand. After seven years of working together, we continue to empower her and her amazing team of hand embroiderers in every way we can.


100% of our swimwear is produced using ECOCEAN, a recycled polyester fabric that not only reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75% less than virgin polyester. Also has a zero water waste printing process by using 100% dry printing with certified ecological inks.


Our zero waste initiative, allows us to use every scrap of fabric left over from each collection so that we are able to help reduce the amount of waste the fashion industry makes on the planet. As a result we recently launched our “One of Kind” clothing collection; a collection of shoes, accessories, eye masks, facemasks and eye wear (coming soon!) with the use of our left over fabric. We will continue with this creative project made in our studio, Italy and India.

Our Purpose: Giving Back






Our main purpose is to preserve the history, tradition and culture of the communities of artisans
we work with and to preserve their traditions and cultures for the generations to come.




By supporting organizations and non-profits, we give back to the communities

and their families by providing work all year round.


Welcome to our universe!

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