who makes our clothes

From its beginnings Carolina K has incorporated in her designs authentic traditional embroidery from communities in Mexico and Peru.  From design to production this pieces are made by the same communities that started this ancestral technics. This work is made with patience and love, surrounded by nature and family. 



One of the most iconic Carolina K styles is the Oaxaca crochet top and dress. Since 2013, we have put together a group of artisan women from a small town up in the mountains of Oaxaca City who make this unique style using traditional crochet and weaving techniques, as well as traditional mexican fabrics. Most of the women of this small town are part of the process of making these timeless pieces. 

The Oaxaca Crochet pieces are handmade, every stitch made by hand, its shoulder pads hand loomed, taking a week for each piece to be made.



One of the textile- richest areas in the world, Chiapas is the home of a group of artisans with whom we develop our accessories and home decor.  Made by hand and using traditional techniques that have been part of these communities for generations, such as the back straps and foot pedal loom, this group of families weave belts, bags and fabrics, embroidering details in our ponchos and huipiles and dyeing natural fibers for our collections. 

Carolina working with artisans in Mexico in the making of SS 16 pieces and Tierra Santa Collection for Faena Hotel in Miami. Directed & edited by: Julieta Almada. Second editor & Color correction: Natalia López. Music: Paloma del Cerro "Gozar hasta que me ausente".




This wonderful town in the mountains of Peru and capital of the Incan empire is home to an amazing textile tradition. In 2010 Carolina K lived with her family in Cusco where she started working with artisan in the region developing our winter knits as well as rugs and pillows for our home line.  Its markets, landscape, people and way of living have inspired our collections.



Throughout  Carolina K history, its campaigns, image and look books have been shot by the Argentinian photographer Ivan Belaustegui. You can see more of his work here


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In 2015 Carolina K  Holiday Resort Collection was inspired by her travels to Bali. Its rich spirituality and rituals are reflected in the prints and colors of the collection.



The Magical Town of Tepoztlan in Mexico and its impressive Tepozteco Mountain have been the home of Carolina for over a decade. Its cobble stone roads, rich markets, gardens and landscape are a never ending source of inspirations for her collections.

 Photos by Ivan Belaustegui. All rights reserved.