Tierra Santa: America’s First South American-Inspired Spa

Alan Faena only wears white. Perhaps this is so he will never be in danger of clashing with the decor of his hotel. When entering the 52-year old Argentinian’s self-named FAENA Hotel in Miami, Florida a sensory overload of color hits you as you walk into the lobby. The Cathedral, as the lobby is known, is surrounded by a collection of eight murals, by artist Juan Gatti. Coined Futopia (Faena +Utopia)  the murals depict the journey of life. You have officially entered into Alan’s magical world. While the hotel has dynamic colors as the base of its persona, the spa, however, uses Mr. Faena’s wardrobe as the base; white for the floors, walls,  flowing curtains and uniforms. But don’t worry, the aesthetic is in no way clinical, there is still plenty of color to bask in. 

Miami’s connection with all things Latin American is conspicuous and notable. More so now that Tierra Santa is America’s first South American inspired spa. Incorporating ancient South American healing techniques into treatments; a line of hand-blended plant-based essential oils; Argentinian designers Carolina Kleinman and Juan Gatti whose creations play an integral part in the décor; and the upcycled spa slippers, this is sustainable luxury. Read on to learn more about Cathy’s first-hand sustainaluxe experience…  Read more


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